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RIMS workshop
The evolution of optimization models and algorithms


Date:July 21-23, 2010
Venue:Room 420, Research Institute for Mathematical Science (RIMS), Kyoto University
ContactShunji UMETANI (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University)
e-mail: umetaniist.osaka-u.ac.jp
tel/fax: +81-6-6879-7799

Scientific Program

July 21, 2010
Time Title and speakers
13h10-13h50 *Tomohiro Niimi(Kyoto University), Nobuo Yamashita(Kyoto University)
Portfolio equilibria based on the mean-variance model and its uniqueness
13h50-14h30 *Takahiro Noda(Kyoto University), Masao Fukushima(Kyoto University)
Delivery frequency competition model in supply chain management
14h40-15h20 *Hidefumi Kawasaki(Kyushu University), Akifumi Kira(Kyushu University)
A discrete fixed point theorem and a game in extensive form
15h20-16h00 *Shinji Imahori(Nagoya University), Yuyao Chien(Nagoya University), Yuma Tanaka(Nagoya University), Mutsunori Yagiura(Nagoya University)
An efficient algorithm for enumerating bottom-left stable positions and its applications
16h10-16h50 *Hiroki Kawashima(Nagoya University), Yuma Tanaka(Nagoya University), Shinji Imahori(Nagoya University), Mutsunori Yagiura(Nagoya University)
An efficient bottom-left algorithm for three-dimensional packing

July 22, 2010
9h10-9h50 *Yuichiro Yasui(Chuo University), Katsuki Fujisawa(Chuo University), Shigeki Toriumi(Chuo University), Azuma Taguchi(Chuo University)
Fast implementation of the Dijkstra method for the large-scale shortest path problem
9h50-10h30 *Kazuya Haraguchi(Ishinomaki Senshu University), Seok-Hee Hong(University of Sydney), Hiroshi Nagamochi(Kyoto University)
Construction of visual classifier by edge crossing minimization
10h40-11h20 *Masahiko Sakaguchi(Kochi University), Yoshio Ohtsubo(Kochi University)
Methods for optimizing two threshold probabilities in negative Markov decision processes
11h20-12h00 *Jian-Qin Liu(NICT)
A note on a stochastic description for a class of non-smooth networked controllers
13h30-14h10 *Yasuhiro Kimura(University of Tsukuba), Akiko Yoshise(University of Tsukuba)
A Semidefinite Relaxation Algorithm for the Sensor Localization Problem Based on a Node Partition Using a Structure
14h10-14h50 *Takahito Kuno(University of Tsukuba)
Global optimization in computer vision
15h00-15h40 *Bingbing Zhuang(Kyoto University), Hiroshi Nagamochi(Kyoto University)
Enumerating Rooted Graphs with Reflectional Block Structures
15h40-16h20 *Yousuke Yamasaki(Nagoya University), Riccardo Schiavoni(University of Bologna ), Manuel Iori(University of Modena and Reggio Emilia ), Mutsunori Yagiura(Nagoya University), Silvano Martello(University of Bologna)
Efficient computation of upper bounds for the disjunctively constrained knapsack problem

July 23, 2010
9h10-9h50 *Yasuaki Matsukawa(University of Tsukuba), Akiko Yoshise(University of Tsukuba)
Optimization over the Cone of Doubly Non-negative Matrices
9h50-10h30 *Takayuki Okuno(Kyoto University), Shunsuke Hayashi(Kyoto University), Masao Fukushima(Kyoto University)
Optimality Conditions and Algorithms for Semi-Infinite Programs with Infinitely Many Second-Order Cone Constraints
10h40-11h20 *Keisuke Takasu(Kyoto University), Masao Fukushima(Kyoto University)
Parallel subspace method with trust region for large-scale nonlinear programming problems
11h20-12h00 *Tomonari Kitahara (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Shinji Mizuno(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
A new iteration bound of simplex method for special linear programming problems
13h30-14h10 *Yoshihiro Kojima(Nagoya University), Yusaku Yamamoto(Nagoya University), Shinji Imahori(Nagoya University), Shao-Liang Zhang(Nagoya University)
Application of the Branch-and-Bound Method to a Stock Management Problem
14h10-14h50 *Taichiroh Sugiyama(Nagoya University), Yuma Tanaka(Nagoya University), Hideki Hashimoto(Chuo University), Mutsunori Yagiura(Nagoya University)
An algorithm to find a scheduling table for embedded systems